Les Solèls de Trovic
A hand-stitched journey of discovery
Les Solèls de Trovic
A hand-stitched journey of discovery
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Les Solèls de Trovic

Your next documentary takes you to the heart of the work of master upholsterer and mosaicist, Jacques Trovic.

This documentary tells the odyssey of a man who tears himself away from a prescribed destiny thanks to the gesture of artistic creation that he makes at the age of 14 and that will lead him to the production of a work estimated at between 300 and 400 works.

After 4 years of research, writing and production, this film about master upholsterer and mosaicist Jacques Trovic is now ready!
We invite you to experience this journey from darkness to light, from black to colour, from the harassing difficulty of living to the joy of the work.
With the men and women who knew him, with the documents and archives that have been passed on, with the press reviews, the photos and all the works in which Jacques Trovic raised his territory to the level of an epic.

The documentary

Jacques Trovic en 1983 sur le terril Sabatier à 59 Raismes
La Scène Espagnole, détail de la première tapisserie de Jacques Trovic

Jacques Trovic

Jacques Trovic was born on 15 June 1948 in Anzin at 486 rue Jean Jaurès. His health was fragile and he stayed with his mother and sister who introduced him to canvas and embroidery.

Between the ages of 12 and 14, he emancipated himself from the canvas bought in a haberdashery to produce his first work: "The Spanish Scene", the subject of which he chose himself. It is an embroidery of wool and applied fabrics. Jacques Trovic has found his favourite technique. From that moment on, he will develop a work marked by the profusion of themes and a prolific production. (400 according to Jacques Trovic).

About Jacques Trovic